English Cherry Tree Manor

Rent the entire house or individual bedrooms.

Children are welcome.

There are 4 bedrooms each with ensuite. Total capacity is 10, though additional small folding beds can be added to rooms 2 to 4 to make total capacity 12.

The 1930s manor hosts the Waikato Cherry Tree Festival. Stay at and explore this beautiful property without the crowds and let serenity wash all through you. Admire the beauty of nature, find intimate spaces, really unwind and take photos. The garden is extensive taking up half of the 5 acres. There are ponds small and large, waterfalls, a stream, drystone walls and various themed areas.

Make free use of the onsite the activities, which include:

  • Swim in 15m pool heated in summer.
  • Soak in secluded hot tub by pond.
  • Swing in hammock.
  • Feed animals.
  • Play table tennis, play pool or catch frisbee.

It is great for both couples and families.
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