Family getaway

Escape for a fun family break. Stay at English Cherry Tree Manor, host to the Waikato Cherry Tree Festival and a wonderful place for families. See the gallery of photos and videos.
Features of the property are:
⦁ Animals to encounter and feed.
⦁ Acres of beautiful gardens.
⦁ A treasure hunt around the property.
⦁ A heated 15m swimming pool in season (Dec-Mar).
⦁ A hot tub in the gazebo by the gold fish pond.
⦁ A shed with table tennis, pool and other fun activities.
⦁ Other outdoor activities, which include croquet and frisbee.
⦁ Fruit to pick.


Simple pleasures are often so much fun

Venture out nearby
⦁ Hire bikes at the property to cycle to nearby Hamilton Gardens (2014 International Garden of the year) and the wonderful Hamilton Waikato river trail. See details. If you have a towbar, you can attach a rack to carry the bikes.
⦁ Try horse-riding just down the road.
⦁ Solve puzzles to escape a room at Confinement at the Casino and on the above Hamilton Waikato river trail. Great for high school children.
⦁ Pick fruit in season (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries).
⦁ Encounter lemurs, gibbons or rhino face-to-face at Hamilton Zoo (3 years minimum age).
⦁ Have a spin (though try not to) at Blastacars (minimum height 1.2m).
⦁ Take the controls as you fly in a small plane (4 passengers per plane).
⦁ Visit the top-rated space museum.
⦁ Spin again in the Camjet jetboat along the Waikato River.
⦁ Take torches at dusk and walk 10 mins to see a wall of glowworms by a waterfall. (30min drive)


The wonderful Hamilton Waikato-River trail with so many interesting stopping points.

Venture a little further a field
⦁ Walk to the North Island’s tallest waterfall (45min drive and 90 min walk there and back). Stop by a thermal swimming pool on the way back from the walk.
⦁ Cycle or walk the Karangahake gorge (50min drive).
⦁ Walk to the Blue Spring (50 min drive).
⦁ Visit Hobbiton (40 min drive).
⦁ Visit Waitomo Caves (60 min drive).


There’s lots of wonderful short walks in the area
As locals, we can help set your itinerary for what’s best for your likes and budget.

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