Adventure thrills tour


Get away, leaving it all behind and feel alive. Got to work on that bucket list! Hit it for six with 3 A-list activities on each day

With no accommodation $995

Staying at English Cherry Tree Manor $1095

Included in the price are all activities, snack lunches, Saturday night dinner, bus and driver around the venues and from central Auckland to the accommodation in Tamahere, Waikato (near Hamilton). Breakfast is included if you are staying at English Cherry Tree Manor.

    • 100 NZ$ Stay at English Cherry Tree Manor

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Adventure thrills tour

Six of the best in 2 days

Weekend 19-20 Oct 2018

Over two days, experience six quite different thrills:

  • jetboat
  • tree-canopy-ziplining
  • white-water rafting
  • cave adventure
  • ATV offroad
  • claybird shooting

Not only are these activities among the most popular, but also the specific operators are most highly-rated for their activities.

Plunging down the highest rafted waterfall in the world on a grade 5 river is awesome…

…but jetboating is more terrifying

Tree-canopy-ziplining is a no 1 rated activity on TripAdvisor

ATV offroad is not suprisingly one of the most popular of activities…

…but claybird shooting is, perhaps, surprisingly one of the top-rated of all activities.

Abseil a beautiful cave and see glowworms close up on this action adventure

The tour schedule and details

Friday night Arrive at your accommodation
9:30 Depart on the bus from English Cherry Tree Manor
10:00 45-minute jetboat ride. You can take your own camera, but at high speed, it will be difficult and you can lose it. The boat takes photos and video, which you can purchase for $35-$50.
12:15 Lunch snack and drink
12:30 Grade five river with 3 waterfalls and 14 rapids whitewater raft. 50 minutes is on the water. Training provided. Hear the Maori history of the river and experience 100% Pure New Zealand. Though you can’t take your camera, professional photos of your trip are provided for $10.
15:30 Light snack and drink
16:00 3-hour journey through a network of zip lines, swing bridges, walking trails and tree top platforms. Learn about conservation, rare & remarkable native birds and 1000-year-old trees in this untouched piece of New Zealand. You can take a camera that attaches to your body such as a GoPro. You can even hire a GoPro at this venue for $49.
20:30 Dinner at English Cherry Tree Manor. View the day’s photos and recall the experiences.
8:00 Depart on the bus from English Cherry Tree Manor
9:00 Cave adventure with abseiling, other rope work and glowworms in a beautiful cave. Photographs are taken by the guides and given to you for free.
13:00 Lunch snack and drink
14:00 20-minute all terrain vehicle(ATV) ride offroad. Take your own photos.
15:00 Claybird shooting. Experience the thrill of shooting at, and hitting, a moving target with a shotgun. All equipment is supplied as well as professional tuition. Take your own photos.
16:00 Return to English Cherry Tree Manor.
17:00 Drink and snack at English Cherry Tree Manor taking a moment to view photos, view videos and share memories of the weekend before departing.

There is plenty of fun in the two days, but we take the strain as you rest while we bus you around the venues.

Either drive to the start location, which is English Cherry Tree Manor (Tamahere, Waikato), or take our bus from Auckland to the manor and then stay there. The bus returns to Auckland too.

Nothing is required of you except that you are at least 13 years old (there is no upper limit!), don’t weigh more than 120Kg and have reasonable agility (if you can get off the couch, that’s a good start!). You don’t need to be able to swim.

Bring some wet weather gear, a towel and a few sets of clothes to change into should you get wet, which you will on the white-water rafting.

Everything else is provided for you including wetsuits, specialist gear, snack lunches, dinner on Saturday night (at English Cherry Tree Manor) and breakfasts if you stay at English Cherry Tree Manor.

“The 7 meter drop is AWESOME. The Class V rapids will not disappoint, The river is absolutely gorgeous and the water temps are warm. The staff is incredibly – young, funny, out-going. A great 2 hour activity on a truly gorgeous river. Don’t miss it…..New Zealand at its best!”
“Jet boat ride was awesome, lots of thrills and adrenalin rushes, the roar of a V8 and we got to look at parts of the Waikato River I had never seen before. Plenty of fish, flora and historical stuff to check out too.”
“Holy hell. Was not expecting the zipline tour to be such an experience. And it was INCREDIBLE. Massive shoutout to Cheynne and Spencer for all the banter and the memories. Our guides really helped get us in the zone and amp us up for what was to come. I could go on and on about what a fantastic time we had but in short it is definitely a MUST DO. The forest is absolutely beautiful and the work you guys do to preserve it is fantastic. We were gushing so much the whole arvo because we couldn’t get over how awesome it was. Ahhhh!!!!!!”
Cheers from Cat and Tess ( Aussie Charlie’s Angels)
“I am afraid of heights and my friend gets claustrophobic, so I don’t quite know how we ended up booking this [cave adventure], but I am so glad we did. [The guides] were amazing at putting me at ease and making me feel safe. We had a demonstration, teaching and practice on a slope outside so we knew what we were doing once we got in the cave. The abseil down a mini waterfall must be the most exciting thing I have ever done. The glow worms are amazing and our guides taught us so much about them and the caves. It was an adrenaline packed, exciting adventure and I would highly recommend it and I’m a massive scardy cat!”
Violeta H
“What a blast. Have never used a pump action shotgun, but I managed to collect a few. What a great afternoon of fun. Definitely put this place on your list.”
Katrina Little, Australia