Camping wild


Never camped in the wild before? Get away from it all and experience the beauty of nature. Don’t have the equipment or experience needed and feel unsure? No problem: we provide it all and the guide teaches you how to use it. Arrive late in the day, take a short hike to the location and leave by noon the following day.

Number of persons:

$199 per person

Number of 3-person tents:

No extra charge

Number of 2-person tents:

No extra charge

Number of 1-person tents:

$10 each

Number of sleeping bags:

$10 per person

Number of people needing rain gear:

$10 per person

Camping wild

One-night camping experience

Imagine camping the night in a beautiful secluded Coromandel cove, with few and often no other people around. There is no access by road, no traffic noise and no buildings; just nature, bird sound, the lapping waves, a trickling stream and a waterfall splashing onto the golden sands beach.

For dinner, gather around a driftwood campfire, savour how good food tastes in the wild and enjoy a glass of wine. As the mood takes you, enjoy conversation, jokes and games with others in the group. Alternatively, walk the beach under the moonlight and stars of the dark sky.

Wake early to romantically watch the sunrise either on the beach or from the comfort of your tent. Explore the stunning coastline, perhaps to the next cove along. In season, catch the giant pohutakawa in flower. Also, catch fish if you bring your own rod.

Perhaps you have either never camped in a tent or in the wild. Become familiar with erecting and dismantling your tent, the equipment and the skills needed.

Experience something new without spending a fortune on equipment and making novice mistakes. Learn about camping and hiking in the wild.

The price per person is $199 sharing a 2-person tent. If you need a tent for just yourself, there is a $10 supplement. If you need a 3-person tent, please specify on the booking form. The price includes a tent, rucksack, comfortable mattress, cooking equipment, lights and food and drink for dinner and breakfast.

Sleeping bags and liners are available for $10. Rain gear of jacket and trousers is also available for $10.You should bring clothes, wash cloth, towel, toiletries and, if you are not renting, a sleeping bag and rain gear.

The nights are mild and, so, only a light sleeping bag is needed.

If the forecast at 12-noon the day before arrival is anything wetter than occasional showers, the tour will be cancelled. You will be emailed or txted at that time of confirmation or cancellation of the tour. In the event of cancellation, all money will be refunded.

There is a 45-minute walk downhill to the cove and a slightly longer uphill walk back. You need to carry your pack both ways, taking out all rubbish to leave the cove as pristine as you found it.


Day 1 – Saturday Day 2 – Sunday

Arrive in Waihi, Coromandel and meet your guide at the Ti Tree café

Optionally, wake to watch the sunrise

Get your rucksack, tent and other equipment

Make and eat your breakfast

Drive your car to the start of a short hike

Pack up your tents and equipment

Hike downhill to the cove

Explore the nearby coastline or just rest

Cook and eat your dinner with instruction

Hike back uphill to the cars and return equipment

Gather around a campfire for a glass of wine, conversation and games.
As the mood takes you, explore the cove.


Retire to bed